I'm Brooks.

I’m a perfectionist, and I’m obsessed with design. Being both creative and technically skilled, I love web design for being a perfect blend of them both. I’m a digital media graduate but I’m primarily self taught. I began in high school, where I discovered Photoshop, programming and design. I fell in love with web design in college and I’ve been doing it ever since.

At heart, I’m an artist and a geek. I’m a music nerd, vinyl collector and PC builder.  I love making 3D designs in my spare time with Blender. Even when I’m not working with a client, I’m always creating something.

What I Do.

I’m a web and graphic designer. Basically, I design great looking, responsive websites that are search engine friendly, as well as web content. This includes things like banners, infographics, charts and other images that can accompany websites.

I specialize in making designs come to life through Wordpress, though I can work with HTML and CSS as well. With Wordpress I can deliver a website to you that’s ready to launch as soon as possible and easy for you to make changes to without having to hire anyone else.

Having a great website should attract visitors and – more importantly- encourage them to stay on your site, increasing sales and interactions.

Here are some specific things I can do.

Responsive Website Design

Graphic Design for Web and Print

UI Design

HTML and CSS Development

Wordpress Design and Customization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Marketing and Social Media Content Design

Digital Photography

Photo Editing and Manipulation

3D Modeling and Rendering

My Skills.


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Blender 3D


Git / SVN


Problem Solving

My Process.

1. Research and Inspiration

Initial planning stage; set goals, research company background & competitors.

Look somewhere like Pinterest and create mood boards, inspiration maps.

2. Drafting

Sketching, and then wireframing. Also flow charts, sitemaps, etc. when applicable.

Here I should also have an idea of what I’m gonna use to make the project.

3. Creating

The most fun stage. Create and color designs. If it’s a web project, bring designs to life in HTML & CSS or Wordpress.

4. Refining

The final stage(s). Refining the design until I and the client are satisfied, and perfecting it. Sometimes the longest step, sometimes the shortest.

5. Delivery and Payment

Once the client is satisfied and the project is complete, I deliver all necessary files. This includes PSDs and image files, code, style guides, and other important parts of the project. After I’m paid, the project is officially complete.

Past Clients.

"This is a testimonial from the client."

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